Я тут!

(Polish title: Jestem tu!



Working in a linguistically diverse group is a challenge for modern teachers. Interactive exercises in the program for children Я тут! are perfect for enriching classes currently organized in preparatory departments. The materials will be helpful in places where younger children are cared for, help in learning is organized and where conditions for play and self-study are created (e.g. in the common room). The interactive exercises will also work during classes intended for integration of a linguistically diverse group. 

While playing with interactive materials included in the program (e.g. an interactive board), beyond integration, children can learn from one another vocabulary and the most needed phrases in school. 

Interactive games for younger students are divided into several subject areas. Those are:





В школі

W szkole

Мій день

Mój dzień

Я, ти, ми

Ja, ty, my

Час і числа

Czas i liczby

На вулиці

Na ulicy

У магазині

W sklepie

Прислів'я і омоніми

Przysłowia i fałszywi przyjaciele




Materials included in the program do not exhaust the definition of a language textbook (Polish or Ukrainian) as a foreign language. They work as a good introduction and make learning more attractive, especially for younger users. 

The interactive materials also include bilingual printable pdf files which can be used for marking important places in school, where linguistically diverse students study (e.g. classrooms names, offices).

NOTE: This is material in Ukrainian and Polish. If you are interested in locating these resources into other languages, please contact Learnetic.

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